Science had an explosive start this term with ‘Space: meet the Stars!’, an exclusive event for all the students across the Athelstan Trust, with space experts from the UK and the US invited to speak to our students live and share their extraordinary experiences. The online event was presented by the sparkling BBC presenter LJ Rich and the stellar crew included TJ Creamer (NASA Flight Director and Astronaut), Sophie Harker (award winning engineer), Jonathan Fernandez (writer of Star Trek Enterprise), Jaisha Wray (space security expert) and Moogega Cooper (NASA Mars mission astronomer)… truly was out of this world!

The speakers beautifully answered the brilliant questions posed by our very own superstar students.

A big thank you to all the students and families who tuned in on the night, for the live comments and questions.

If you missed it, you are able to watch the recording

and here are some student and parent reflections:

Dan (year 8)

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet amazing scientists and an astronaut. TJ Creamer answered my question about returning from a microgravity environment and it was really interesting to hear him explain what happened when he came back to Earth and build on his answers. It was good learn these things in case I would like to do this when I’m older.

Henry (year 8)

I thought it was a great opportunity for us to have a chance to have our questions answered by all the speakers, I learnt so much from all the questions, it was great for me to join. It got me more interest in space.

Sam(year 9)

I thought it was good because not everyone gets to talk to an astronaut and space scientists and it’s interesting how they build rockets and study space. I really enjoyed it because TJ Creamer is really interesting, and I loved hearing from him. I would like to study rockets and space and build rockets one day.

Orlando (year 13)

Hearing from experts in the space industry was exciting, and in my opinion really important – so students like myself can understand the applications of our STEM subjects. I hope the Athelstan trust can offer some similar opportunities soon as it has definitely sparked my interest!


Thank you so much for putting on such a lovely Sunday night family activity – we really enjoyed it and felt so proud to be part of such a great school.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing event you organised for last Sunday evening about space.  The engineer was particularly inspiring, and I think it has made my son think about the possibility of engineering. It was such a great opportunity for them all and made us even more pleased about his new school.