Comments of the Day

On Thursday 3rd March Year 10 students from Schools across the Trust got together at Sir William Romney for the MAT Year 10 Maths Challenge.  Students worked in school groups to solve some tricky maths problems, ranging from questions about snails, imaginary numbers and flushing toilets!

The event was hosted by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme and was enjoyable and challenging, introducing students to what Maths can offer after the school years and the avenues and doors it can open.

All students participating in the event worked incredibly well, showing that Maths can be a collaborative and creative subject.  When asked all students said they would do it again!

Here is a taste of the questions they tackled, (answer below):

A snail starts to climb a wall on Monday morning.  The wall is 9.5 metres high.  Each day the snail climbs 3 metres, but then slips back 2 metres every night.

On which day of the week will it reach the top of the wall?

We look forward to the remaining Maths Challenges for Years 8 and 12 and very much hope that these students have such a great day as the Year 10s.



Answer:  Sunday