It is clearly important to know as much as possible about our new intake and their previous achievements, those pupils who have learning difficulties and those who have high academic potential or are gifted in a specific area. Through SEN primary liaison we have detailed information about the pupils who transfer to us. All students with learning difficulties are given a baseline reading test before transfer.

On entry, all year 7 pupils are given a baseline spelling test and sit a CAT (Cognitive Ability Test) which indicates ability in language and comprehension, number and non-verbal reasoning. Students will also sit a CAT test in year 9 too.

During years 7, 8 and 9 pupils with learning difficulties who attend learning support sessions are tested every six months to assess reading and spelling progress.

Access Arrangements assessments take place in years 9 and 10 with the aim of supporting pupils with learning difficulties as they prepare for external assessments and exams.