At Malmesbury School homework is seen as an activity that is complementary to the curriculum delivered during lesson time. It provides students with an opportunity to consolidate ideas which have been presented in class, to practise new skills which are needed for progress in a curriculum area, to extend their knowledge and understanding by research, to pursue further an interest stimulated by work done in lessons and to develop good organisational skills and study habits. It also helps students to understand that learning is not simply an activity that occurs in school. The ability to be an independent learner has never ever more important and students are supported to develop their skills to manage their home study by teachers and parents/carers.

We are not a school that sets homework for the sake of it – activities are purposeful and meaningful and strengthen students’ learning. Tasks set often based on the theory of retrieval practice where students are expected to recall, review and revise prior learning to ensure it ends up in their long-term memory! In addition, with the wellbeing of students’ in mind it is important that students have an opportunity every evening to switch off from school, relax, recharge and engage in leisure activities that they enjoy. If homework becomes burdensome and stressful in any way please get in touch.

Please see attached the Malmesbury School homework procedure.