Malmesbury school English teachers: A who’s who guide!

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English Faculty Overview

We also have three workbooks for you to do.

Do you love words, riddles and conundrums?

Year 6 riddles and puzzles.

Give these a go (some are quite tricky!) and, if you manage to complete the booklet, remember to hand it in to your English teacher or the English Office when school starts. You might even get your very first Housepoint!

We’re also here to help you develop and improve all the aspects of your writing, so that you can express yourselves effectively and confidently. To be able to plan your ideas and write well means being able to communicate well in all aspects of life: it’s an essential life skill.

Give some of these writing projects a try and remember to hand any work that you’re proud of to your English teacher.

Year 6 writing booklet

In English, we all love reading and know what wonderful escapism it is when you find a book that you enjoy! You may be a keen reader already, or perhaps you’ve just not found the right book yet. We look forward to sharing some wonderful reading experiences with you soon and, in the meantime, you might like to try out some of these reading activities.

Year 6 reading booklet