Cashless catering system

As part of the improvements we are making to the catering services at Malmesbury school we have invested in a cashless payment system.  The system has a number of benefits and will change the way you pay for school meals.

What does this mean?

Students will no longer be able to pay for food or drinks using cash. Instead, they will be provided with a card which can be pre-loaded with funds.

The pre-pay card is simple to use, with no pin numbers or codes required for use.  Students simply swipe the card at the till and the amount of their purchase is deducted.

Cash will no longer be accepted during meal service.

Why is this better?

Faster transactions at tills, reducing the time students spend queuing

Parents know that the money is spent in school on healthy, balanced meals, rather than in the surrounding shops

Risk of loss or theft of cash is minimised

Eliminates any stigma of free school meals as all students simply swipe a card

How do I pay if it is a ‘cashless’ system?

Funds can easily be loaded to the cards online.  Simply log on to and follow the instructions.

Getting started with

  • Click activate
  • Enter account activation username and password
  • Click activate
  • Follow our simple account activation process
  • Register your email address
  • Choose your username
  • Choose your password

Making a payment with

  • Click login
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click login
  • Click my payment items
  • Select the items you wish to pay for and enter any required details
  • Click continue
  • Follow the simple steps and enter your payment card details
  • You’ll receive an onscreen receipt once payment has been made successfully!

What if I don’t have access to the internet?

ParentPay is the best way to add cash value to the card.  However, a machine will be available in each school to add funds to a card using coins and notes. The machine will accept tender from 10p piece up to a £20 note.  5p pieces and copper coins are not accepted.  We cannot accept payment by cheque.

If the card is lost or stolen, do I lose my money?

No.  Money can be transferred from your old card to your new one.  Make sure you report a lost or stolen card as soon as you can, otherwise somebody else might pick it up and try to use it.

Can I impose a daily limit?

Yes.  Just complete and return the form sent out.

What happens if the card runs out of money?

At the till transaction the card holder will be informed if the card is running low on funds.  Students will also be able to check the funds available using the coin machine.

The school will hold a limited number of cards with emergency funds that can be issued if a student’s card does not hold enough money to pay for a meal.  The cost will be claimed back from the parents.

How are free school meals claimed?

Students who are eligible for free school meals will have money automatically uploaded to their cards.  This can only be spent on a healthy main meal and pudding.  The card will not authorise purchase of breakfast or snack items.  Should the student wish to purchase snacks or additional food or drinks they can load additional cash on to the card in the normal way.

What if my child leaves the school and I want my money back?

The caterer will be able to provide you with a refund of any monies left on your card.

If you have any further queries please telephone Jane Hill, catering manager, on 01666 829757.