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MALMESBURY SCHOOL – DATA ENTRY FORM – Please complete all forms and return to the school.

Transport: Living within catchment

The Under 16 application form for all new year 7s is now available.  This should be completed and returned to if they require transport assistance.  This application form has also been sent to the primary schools. Dependent on the device you are using you may be asked for a password which is: W1ltsh1re#

Resources to support transition at home

Making the transition from Primary School to Secondary School is an important step in every child’s life. With the current situation you may find the following resources useful.

Supporting Transition at Home 

Hachette Transition resources for Year 6 Pupils

Hachette Transition resources for parents 

Closing the word gap: a guide for parents of year 6 and 7 children

Additional Resources for Students with SEND

Malmesbury School Transition Booklet

Questions from Students with SEND

SEND resources comic strips

Some students with Special Educational Needs, especially those on the Autistic spectrum, may find it helpful to work through scenarios visually in advance. You might find the following comic strips helpful when discussing what to do in particular situations when they are at Malmesbury.

The scenarios are generic, so they represent what is most likely to happen rather than what would definitely take place in any circumstances. For example, if a student was suddenly taken very ill, we would obviously deal with it immediately rather than leaving them to sit quietly with a drink of water for a few minutes.

Worried about….getting lost?

Worried about…feeling unwell?

Worried about….understanding the work?