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It is very common and perfectly natural for young people to struggle with how they feel at times. You may be experiencing problems with friends, family or school, and become anxious, depressed, angry or scared. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone but find it difficult to talk to people you know.

Counselling is the most common form of talking therapy and is sometimes available on the NHS through the GP surgery. It can help young people deal with issues and events and the effects they are having on their mental wellbeing. The counsellor will help explore the problem, the symptoms and strategies for coping.

At Malmesbury School the mental health of our students is a key priority. We have fully qualified counsellors working five days a week in The Bungalow to support you when you are in need.

If you would like to refer yourself for an appointment either email or fill in the self-referral form below.

Also, see here for a list of resources and links.

Counselling Referral Form