Malmesbury School Mission Statement

We will promote an inspirational culture in which everyone feels valued and challenged to fulfil their potential.

Vision Statement

To be a happy, caring and excellent community.

We have high expectations of all our students and work hard to promote achievement within a supportive community.

The 5-year strategic aims of Malmesbury School are:

    1. To sustain a safe, happy  and caring environment.
    2. To support learning and personal development and to prioritise well-being and celebrate endeavour and achievement of the whole school community.
    3. To provide high quality, inspirational teaching, excellent facilities and a fully appropriate, broad and inclusive curriculum for every student.
    4. To equip our young people to succeed in the wider world with an enthusiasm and confidence for life and learning, resilience and willingness to contribute positively to the wider community.
    5. To inform and engage parents/carers to support every aspect of their child’s learning and development and to become actively involved in the success of the school. To maintain a strong reputation for the school within the local community and to encourage their active participation and engagement with the school.
    6. To further develop as a centre of professional learning. To be recognised for raising standards here and in the wider educational community and for attracting, nurturing and retaining the best quality staff.
Malmesbury school values
Malmesbury school values: Happy
Malmesbury school values: caring
Malmesbury school values: Excellent