School Governors required (Voluntary role)

Malmesbury School’s Local Governing Body are looking to strengthen our team and their effectiveness by recruiting new Governors with knowledge and skill in the following areas: Health and Safety, Education, and Diversity.  To ensure that we have sufficient parent voice we are also looking for an additional Parent Governor.  Just as important as qualifications and knowledge are enthusiasm and commitment to the education of all our students.   Applicants should be willing to support and challenge the school, be available to visit the school during the day on an occasional basis and would be expected to make attending meetings a priority.

Being a school governor is both interesting and rewarding and is an opportunity to make a real difference to the life of the students in our school and to support Malmesbury School in its process of continuous improvement.  Training is provided and the time commitment is not overly onerous.

If you have any questions about these roles, and/or would like to find out more and apply to be a Malmesbury School Governor  please contact and mark it FAO Pat Wilkinson 

Malmesbury School Local Governors





Term expires

Justin Davies




Claire Graves (Chair)

Co opted

1/9/20 (re-elected)


Deborah Gray

Co opted

1/9/17 (re-elected)


Mark White

Co opted

6/12/18 (re-elected)


Tamsyn Luggar




Sharon Millar

Co opted

01/11/20 (re-elected)


Brett Jouny



Sue Poolman

Co opted




Ben Griffiths




Hayley McCoy





Pen Portraits

Justin Davies – Parent Governor

Justin was elected to the Governing Body in July 2018. He and his wife have lived in Malmesbury since 2008 and they have a daughter in Malmesbury School.  Justin heads up the Europe and Middle Eastern arm of a global managed services company working within the re/insurance industry.

Claire Graves – Co-opted Governor (Chair of Governors)

Claire joined the Governing Body in 2016 and has a daughter at Malmesbury School. Claire obtained a degree and PhD in Geography before joining the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to support academic research and postgraduate skills and training across the UK. Her aim is to encourage and enable equal opportunities to engage in STEM subject opportunities. She is currently working within UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as Associate Director for Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councils UK. Claire is also a qualified Karate instructor and former member of the AMA England Karate Team. Claire Graves was elected Chair of Governors on 11th October 2018.

Deborah Gray – Co-opted Governor

Deborah joined the Governing Body in September 2000 and she served as Chair of Governors from 2004 until 2018. Both her children attended Malmesbury School, where they did extremely well academically and enjoyed a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Her son went to Bournemouth University and her daughter, went to Kings College London. Deborah works part-time as a freelance non-fiction book editor/writer and enjoys gardening, yoga, literature, live music and theatre in her spare time.

Tamsyn Luggar – Parent Governor

Tamsyn was elected to the Governing Body in July 2018. She has two children – one at primary school and one at Malmesbury School.  She has been a School Governor since 2012, initially at Lea and Garsdon Primary School and then at Westonbirt School.  Tamsyn has a degree in Geography and qualified as a Chartered Mineral and Waste Surveyor, with a particular interest in the planning and development of facilities.  She is also the Assistant Group Scout Leader for the 1st Crudwell Scout Group.

Sharon Millar – Co-opted Governor

Sharon joined the Governing Body in 2008, having just moved to the area from Northern Ireland where she worked as 6th Form Study Manager with one of the Province’s leading Grammar Schools. She now lives and works in Malmesbury running her own Recruitment and Management Consultancy business. She has until recently been a Childline Volunteer involving support for children in long term residential or foster care. She has three sons, one of whom attended Malmesbury School and a stepson who attended the school.

Brett Jouny – Headteacher

Brett joined the Governing Body as an ex-officio member on his appointment in September 2021.

Sue Poolman– Co-opted Governor

Sue joined the Governing Body in 2012. She practised as a solicitor in East London for over twenty years, specialising in Legally Aided Family and Criminal cases. After this she spent a decade living in Switzerland, where she took an active part at her daughters’ school. She moved to Malmesbury in 2009 and is now involved with various local organisations, including the Athelstan Museum, Carnival and Oxfam.

Hayley Twist – Staff Governor

Hayley joined the Governing Body in 2016. She teaches Science at Malmesbury School.

Ben Griffiths – Staff Governor

Ben joined the Governing Body in 2020. He teaches Geography at Malmesbury School.

Mark White – Co-opted Governor

Mark joined the Governing Body in 2004 having previously been a governor at Brinkworth Earl Danby’s Primary School. Mark is link advisor for the Sixth Form. Both of his daughters attended the school. Mark has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and previously served as a pilot in the Royal Air Force before joining British Airways where he is also involved in pilot recruitment. Interests include running, swimming, triathlons and gardening.

How to contact the Governors
Any of the governors can be contacted by writing to them at the school address or through the clerk to the Governors, currently Pat Wilkinson. Alternatively, emails can be directed to:

Message from Chair of Governors July 2021

This has been a second extraordinary year for both the school and the Governing body. We started the new academic year welcoming Rupert Moreton as our new Head and close the year wishing him well in his future endeavours outside of the school. The past year has again been dominated by the pandemic and my thoughts go out to everyone who has been impacted by COVID-19. I hope that you all keep well and continue to view the school as a safe and appropriate place to send your children. Throughout the year we have had to flex and react to the external situations we have all had to face across the country. The Governing Body has held both scheduled and extraordinary meetings in response to the need for closure and reopening. We have discussed risk assessments and again health and wellbeing for both students and staff have quite rightly been at the core of our obligations this year.

I would like to open this message by giving a huge thank you to parents and students for their support during the pandemic. We are very proud of the responsibility and engagement our parents and students have shown. The sense of ‘caring’ has really come out this year. Students have supported each other and have embraced and overcome each of the challenges that have arisen. The school and Trust have made a huge investment in improving IT and online services. Teachers and students alike have been creative in their approach to getting the most out of this new method of classroom teaching.

Please may I take this opportunity to thank all of you who have written in to share thoughts and make suggestions. The school belongs to all of us and we do take on board and welcome your contributions. Please do continue to let us know how you feel. I know a vast majority of staff and students were relieved to come back to the classroom, even though there has been a need to participate in lateral flow testing and wear face masks. Again, it was a highlight for us as a school community, as parents helped as volunteers and students focussed on what is important, that is strengthening relationships, forming new bonds and engaging in their educational journey. For those who found returning more challenging, we ensured appropriate support was in place. The Governing Body continued to monitor the counselling provision, to ensure it met the various calls on its services.

Governor meetings this year have continued to be held remotely, though we hope to return to face to face meetings in the new school year. Meeting agendas have inevitably been dominated by risk assessments, providing quality assurance of remote learning, attendance and engagement, the impact of the pandemic on the curriculum, catch up support and of course teacher assessments for GCSEs and A-levels. It is not possible to underestimate the care, diligence and quality of work that the whole school staffing community put into providing teacher assessed grades for our year 11 and 13 students. On behalf of the Governing Body I would like to extend heartfelt thanks for both your work but also your willingness to engage with Governors to ensure we deliver positive outcomes that are a fair reflection of attainment during what has proven to be two very disrupted years. I do hope that students feel a positive sense of achievement when the results are announced in August and I wish everyone success in their future learning and post Malmesbury School life.

Wellbeing has been a constant theme throughout the year, and I was a member of the Health and Wellbeing Group. I would like to thank Sarah Haines for her leadership, and also congratulate her on her promotion to headteacher of Bradon Forest School. It is a real bonus to us that she will remain in the Trust and continue to engage with the school. The school established a Diversity Working Group, which looked into the school environment, curriculum, enrichment and continued professional development. There was also a significant project to look at culture and attitudes to learning. All these work strands have ongoing activity and I look forward to sharing developments in future, more importantly I hope you and students notice positive improvements directly.

It is also important for the school to both lead and respond to the national agenda. This year we conducted a fundamental review of the Child Protection Policy and discussed the Everyone’s Invited/Me to movement. Child safety is of paramount importance and if anyone is affected by these issues please do get in contact. We are here to support you.

This year the governors also supported the recruitment of a new headteacher. Brett Jouny, currently deputy headteacher at Burford School in Oxfordshire, will be joining Malmesbury School from September 1. Brett has previously worked at Malmesbury School as senior curriculum leader of modern foreign languages before going on to be assistant headteacher at Balcarras School in Cheltenham. Brett has already engaged positively with the Governing Body and attended two meetings over the summer as well as engaging with Governors outside of formal meetings. I am really looking forward to working with Brett in support of the school in the next academic year.

Many of the decisions that have needed to be taken have, by necessity, been delivered at pace. The Governing body has been supported positively by the National Governance Association, including providing guidance and webinars to ensure we focused on the right issues and asked appropriate questions. It was important that as a group we developed the skill set and clear understanding of the external context, to deliver effective governance. The Governing body also undertook a review of our own skill sets and also taking on board natural retirements from the Board, identified three areas that would benefit from strengthening:

  • Diversity
  • Educational experience
  • Health and safety

As a result, we issued a call for new governors and I was humbled by the huge number that expressed an interest and applied. It was not possible to take on board everyone but I would like to welcome the following new members:

  • Simon Wheelan
  • Dr Ardiana Gjini
  • Alex Revans
  • Caroline Wild
  • Lara Farahar
  • David Mitchell

I would also like to thank Rachael Jenkins who has reached the end of her tenure as a governor in the school. Rachael has acted as my vice-chair alongside Tamsyn Luggar during the pandemic and her help and support have been invaluable.

If you would like to learn more about the governors, please see their profiles which are found at

I would like to sign off by wishing you all a safe and healthy summer holiday and I look forward to engaging with the school and yourselves in the next school year.

Dr Claire Graves

Chair of Governors